Tell me why?!

Tell me why.

Hi everyone, Angus here Australia’s number one Google ranked Dental Marketer.
You know, I’ve just come from the dentist and apologies I’ve been painting all day today. And, one of the things I was thinking about while I was in the dental chair, and I’m a bit of a strange creature, I like going to the dentist, I got to lie down close my eyes. So I almost fell asleep. It was a good appointment. But one of the things that my dentist did brilliantly well was Tell Me Why. And during our time together, and I didn’t, I wasn’t getting any major treatment, just a clean and check.

She mentioned to me why it was so important for me to be maintaining good oral hygiene. And we talked very specifically about what I needed to do. And the second thing that she told me is the importance of me attending the next appointment. Rather than feeling like things are going well. And I can just turn up whenever I want to. And I can tell you, for us as human beings, that is something that really drives our behavior, why? why should I do this? And I leave kind of full of, yeah, I really need to make sure I’m on top of my oral health, because I know what’s going to happen if I don’t. And I absolutely need to make sure I go to the next appointment because I know what’s going to happen if I don’t and so that’s a really good thing for us to be introducing into our or at least magnifying in our when we’re seeing patients.

In fact, you know, if you might think, oh Angus look, we’re pretty good at better I dare you to try this, which is to get every patient for a week or a month or whatever to fill in a survey. After they’ve come out of a consult room, you could make it a two-question survey. And you could say, you know, please rate the following out of 10 You know, the dentist explained to me why it’s important for me to maintain good oral hygiene.
But the dentist explained to me why it’s important for me to attend the next appointment and just say, you know, you can have the reception to, Hey, look, we’re just doing this survey at the moment. It’s a two-question survey, even get it on an iPad or something I dare you to do that and find out where you sit because I can tell you, if your number is sitting, if people are rating you about six out of 10 or whatever, then your retention and is not going to be good. But if most people walking out are going to reach you at a sort of an eight or a nine, then you’re going to see that in the whitespace or the lack of whitespace in your appointment book. So my friends it’s very simple. Tell me why?!

See you next time.

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