Winning In Business: Are You Scared Of Choosing A Niche?

This week on Winning In Business, Angus Pryor the #1 Google-ranked dental marketer in Australia will be sharing with you the importance of choosing a niche.

Are you scared of choosing a niche? Now look on it’s a little story, I’ve just shown you some sneakers.

Recently, I was on Facebook, and I saw an ad for a free webinar, for a group showing people who are over 50 had a run faster, the group was called fast beyond 50. And at niche, by definition means they’re narrowing, they could have had something that was a webinar for runners, and I’m definitely a runner. But but they narrowed it even further by saying runners over 50.

And long story short, you know, when I saw that, and it was like free webinar, and I thought, Oh, that sounds interesting. And I learned two things, if you are a runner over 52 things, one is, recoveries more important, because we’re slower to recover. So they actually recommend taking longer breaks between your runs.

Secondly, strength training is important. Anyway, just I digress. So I listened to the webinar that went for about an hour and they had some good advice. And then they made an offer at the end, and I purchased the package. Because if they’d said here, here’s a programme for runners, how you can be a bit faster, okay, that might have been good.

But the fact that they niche down and they said, they basically said in the presentation, the information that you get about running faster, doesn’t apply to you because you’re over 50 because there are some physiological changes. And so, you know, what I find is with dentists to my clients that you don’t want to narrow down who you’re offering your services to, you go well, as long as someone’s got teeth, that’s fine.

But I have to say to you that the niching down is what made this offer so irresistible to me if they’d said it’s just to run faster. Well, that’s one thing, but then it’s like, fast beyond 50. All right, well, I’m over 50, and things are changing, and therefore it’s more about me.

Now, for dentistry, as it stands, I think it’s you definitely want to identify your ideal client and you can look at your data, there will be some common characteristics of the people that spend the most money with you. And then with that group, you know, look through their eyes and think about what appeals to them and use that to speak in your marketing.

And here’s the thing, it doesn’t stop people outside that niche from doing business with you. I mean, I listen to podcasts, which I know a straight out not for me, I’m not their ideal client, but it doesn’t stop me from participating. And so for you in dentistry, identify your ideal clients look at your data and narrow down.

But this is what I see in the future. With the advent of teledentistry and so on, there’s an opportunity for some dental practice to niche like that run is over 50 where you start to say, dentistry for the busy business person or something like that, where you can actually do that becomes a real niche because the more you niche down as long as you can find enough people in that niche, the more compelling your offer is as happened with me and that fast beyond 50 group that I signed up for in just like an hour.

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