How To Win The Battle In Your Mind

Winning In Business: How To Win The Battle In Your Mind

This week on Winning In Business, Angus Pryor the practice growth specialist and #1 Google-ranked dental marketer in Australia will be sharing with you how to win the battle in your mind, 2 simple and actionable steps to take when in challenging situations.

How to win the battle in your mind. Now I’m reading a book at the moment called Winning The War In Your Mind, it’s by a guy called Craig Groeschel, who’s a New York Times best selling author, he’s got quite an interesting background, he’s got a business podcast about leadership, he’s worked as a minister. And so with that background, you would expect that he would be dealing with people all the time, who have got sort of struggles in their life. And the truth is that he’s quite open about his own struggles.

You know, even though in some ways, he was very successful, he really struggled with these sort of feelings of I’m not good enough, I’m not worthy, etc. And he said something in this book that I’ve never really thought about before, and I wanted to share with you, he says, The battle for your life is won or lost in your mind. And that may sound like a big call, but I mean think about all the examples of people whose circumstances you would think, would say to them, that they’re going to have a bad life. And yet, somehow they managed to find, you know, a kind of a good life in the midst of terrible struggles. One of the things that I’ve heard people say is that when they visit very poor countries, they, particularly the kids who’ve got nothing, they’ve never seen them so happy. You know, and there’s been people in jail and all sorts of situations where the situation is terrible.

And yet because of the battle in their mind, they turn it into a positive so the battle for your life has won or lost in your mind. And I have to say to you on reflection, I think that’s probably true. And then a second statement is, your thoughts will control you. So you have to control your thoughts. So it’s just something for us to ponder, are we someone who just is carved completely reactive? Or are we consciously choosing to control our thoughts?

I just read a book by Dave Meltzer. And he says when your thoughts are going down a negative pathway, he says out loud cancel, and I’ve started doing that because I find myself as well in these little loops you’re thinking about things that didn’t work well and that person you know, I didn’t like them etc, etc. And then you go, Well, is this serving me and so say out loud cancel, anyway, so there you have the battle full your life is won or lost in the mind and your thoughts will control you. So you need to control your thoughts. Hope you find that helpful, winning the war in your mind.

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