Winning In Business: Inspiration From A Man Who Created The Lightbulb

This week on Winning In Business, Angus Pryor the #1 Google-ranked dental marketer in Australia will be sharing with you why it’s never too late to start anything. ⁣

Inspiration from the man who created this. Now look, this is of course, a light bulb was actually reasonably hard to find one of these incandescent ones, you can see the little things in there. And I was reading something recently from Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison was the inventor of this. And I just want to pose you a question. Do you feel like you’re too old? To achieve something? Do you feel like you’re too young to achieve something? Do you feel like you’re too I don’t know, you know, the wrong gender or the wrong nationality, or whatever the case may be.

I was listening to something recently about a guy I’m not you know, this is extraordinary. He did 100. Iron Man’s in 100 days now and I an Iron Man is a full marathon 100 and something kilometer bike ride and a multi kilometer swim. And he did that he did a full one of those 100 days in a row. And it’s a quote that I read from Thomas Edison that I thought was very interesting and applicable for all of us. Thomas Edison once said, if we did all the things we were capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.

And so if you finally if you’ve got a dream, if you think, you know, I really love to do something, but I feel like I’m too old, or I’m too young or on to this forum to that, then, you know, I guess take inspiration from this guy. Now, the truth is that Thomas Edison was granted one patent every year for 65 consecutive years. And when he was 67, this was in 1914, his factories lab burnt to the ground. And for a lot of people, you go on to old at all over.

But he said, I’m not too old to make a fresh start at 67, he made a fresh start. And you remember the life expectancy in 1914 is nothing like what it is now. And he proceeded to rebuild the lab and keep working for another 17 years. So, you know, I think we can take a lot from that if you’re feeling I’m too old, or I’m too young on to this or I’m to that. Well, you know, the message from Thomas Edison is if we did all the things we were capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.

So my question to you is, what’s the thing you know, that you need to be doing to grow your business to do something different to keep going, so you can get where you want to. Now look, I’ve got a little free resource for you today a free training video. It’s the top five mistakes that I see dentists make and attracting high-quality patients. And if you visit they will be my free gift to you.

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