2 Lessons About Winning From Usain Bolt

Winning In Life: 2 Lessons About Winning From Usain Bolt

This week on Winning In Life, Angus Pryor the #1 Google-ranked dental marketer in Australia will be sharing with you 2 lessons about winning from Usain Bolt, 2 simple things that you can apply to your life today.⁣

Two lessons about winning from Usain Bolt. Now, look, I watched this week, the documentary about Usain Bolt, I think it was on Stan don’t quote me on that it may be on some other channels. I was watching it with my daughter. And there were two lessons from winning, about winning from Usain Bolt that really stuck with me.

And initiated, I think, the most successful sprinter of all time, he won nine Olympic gold medals, he won 100m, 200m and relay three times back to back. And the first lesson that I noticed from him, was his incredible ability to bring the joy he chose to be happy and joyful in whatever he did. Now, you could say he had a very serious business, which is running fast, a very competitive field.

But the reality is, you could see from all the footage that he chose to be joyful 95% of the time, I mean, he literally fist pumped officials during the final, the Olympic final like seconds before he was about to run, he’d even be playing up to the camera. And then he had this amazing ability to get into the zone and get serious for that 5% of the time when he’s running or you know, maybe 1%. So that was the first lesson about winning.

The second lesson about winning was his ability to overcome setbacks. And, you know, we probably don’t think about that we just think about all his successes. But at one point about six months before the Olympics in Rio, which was his last one, he had a very serious ankle injury. He went and got professional help and so on. And it had really hampered his training, he was much slower.

And his coach said to him, you’ve got to train twice a day for the next six months. And he was like twice a day, but then he just did it like his ability to say what ever it takes. And you know, it didn’t hurt that some of his competitors were on camera saying that we’re gonna win and he’s a very competitive man. So I thought that was interesting. On the one hand, it was like bring the joy on, pardon me. On the other hand, it was like do whatever it takes. So a couple of lessons in winning from Usain Bolt.

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