Something Just Not Working For You, Here's Why

Winning In Life : Something Just Not Working For You, Here’s Why

This week on Winning In Life, Angus Pryor the #1 Google-ranked dental marketer in Australia will be sharing with you the reason why something is not working for you and what to do instead.

Is this something that’s just not working for you? Now, look, this morning, you can see there’s a pile of wood behind me. And I’m going to show you a log. We have an open fire and the property that we’ve moved to. And let me show you what happened. I got out something called a splitter, which is basically, it looks a bit like an axe, but it’s designed to split the wood in half so you can put in the fire. Can you see those four marks here? 1 2 3 4

Now that is me, can I say this? I’m not a little guy, you know? What I weigh 85 kilos, and I’ve swung a splitter with my full strength against this log. And as you can see, I haven’t made much of an impression at all, have I and here’s the problem.

This log is actually, it’s obviously been sawn not that long ago. And what that means is there’s a lot of moisture inside, it’s pretty darn hard, and it needs to dry out. And I think in many ways, you know, as you can see, I had four goes, the truth is I had one or two goes on the other side of the log as well. This is a bit of a metaphor for stuff in life, isn’t it, where we try something and it just doesn’t work.

And what I quickly conclude with is log, which is very simple and quite obvious is that this thing is it just needs to dry out before I can give it a good crack. And maybe I’ve got to use a different tool. But you know, there are many things in our lives in our lives where we looking for a particular outcome, and we’re trying a particular technique, and it’s not working. And yet, what do we do we just keep swinging, we keep swinging our splitter at this log, and it’s not gonna crack I mean, I could spend hours and hours whacking this thing. And I don’t think I’d get through because the tool is wrong, and the time is wrong.

And really, I don’t have any answers today except to say is there something in your life where you’re attempting over and over to do something and it’s just not working because it might be you’re using the wrong tool, it might be that it’s the wrong time. Otherwise, I’d like to leave you with a little free gift. We have a digital magazine that comes out every two months. And if you head to you find lots of high quality material there we’ve got articles from about a dozen authors. There’s clinical and there’s non clinical, it’s for the whole dental team. So if you head to you can get a free subscription. Otherwise catch you next time on Winning In Life.

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