The Secret To Getting More

Winning In Life : The Secret To Getting More

This week on Winning In Life, Angus Pryor the #1 Google-ranked dental marketer in Australia will be sharing with you the secret to getting more.

The secret to getting more. Look, I need to tell you a little secret. And this is something I’ve seen repeated over and over and over again. And for some of you, this is second nature, and for some of you, this is just not working at all. And I’m hoping this video is going to help. Now, for a service based business like mine, let’s be really honest, the way that you interact with us, and I’ve seen this in countless businesses will have a big impact on what you get back.

There is a point at which you say, Well, I’m paying a fee for a service, and I should get a certain service back. And I’d say completely agree, that’s true. But the truth is, I was thinking this morning about this, you know, there are some of our clients that are so nice to deal with, that I would practically jump off a bridge for them. And if the team comes to me and says are so and so’s ask for x, I’d say that’s fine, just do it. And other words, I’m not going to charge them any extra because they’re nice to deal with. Like, they’re nice people, they treat us with respect.

On the other hand, the squeaky wheels. And you know, every business has dealt with people like this, where someone is, you know, they’re entitled, and they complain and then demanding and I would say, initially that can work. Like initially, you can be pretty assertive and say, Come on, I need this. And you promise that and I’d say initially, that’s okay.

But the truth is, over time, my view is that doesn’t work. Because what happens is, and if you don’t believe this is the case, I’m sure it happens internally in your business to eventually you get a bit of a reputation internally. Oh, here we go. Watch this client asking for again. Now, I’m not saying this to defend our level of service, my comment is for you, and how you interact with other businesses, because over time, the secret is, if you treat people with respect, if you’re nice to them, they’re gonna do more for you like it’s just human nature, that sort of, you know, the grumpy demanding, can work once or twice but over a period of time, it won’t. I mean, I spoke to someone recently, where, frankly, I was considering whether we would take them on as a client.

And pretty quickly from the call, I was like, I’m not doing it, I’m not even going to offer you the services that we have. Because I know you’re going to be a pain in the neck to deal with. So it’s just something for all of us to consider, you know, all of us at times can be one and at times can be the other. But my experiences if you can, you know, continually sort of foster this positive relationship.

There are times you’ve got to, you know, be direct, there’s nothing wrong with that. But the more that people are like dealing with you, the more they’ll do for you. Now, speaking of which, a little freebie for you with if you’re the fun to deal with or sometimes not fun to deal with. If you head to we’ve got a free digital magazine that comes out every second month high quality content, it’s not filled with ads or anything like that. We’ve got clinical and non-clinical articles from experts across a whole range of fields in relation to dentistry, and that would be my free gift to you otherwise catch you next time on Winning In Life.

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