What Is Your One Last Talk

Winning In Life : What Is Your One Last Talk?

This week on Winning In Life, Angus Pryor the #1 Google-ranked dental marketer in Australia will be sharing with you about the last talk and my message to you.

What’s your one last talk? Now, I’ve just been reading this book by a guy called Philip McKernan, who I’ve met and seen speaking number of times, if you’ve ever seen him speak, you will never forget. He’s one of the most unique speakers I’ve ever seen. He’s quite confronting. But that’s because he doesn’t sort of, he’s got no appetite for stuff that doesn’t matter.

The book One Last Talk is, why your truth matters and how to speak it. And I wouldn’t want to give you the impression that this is all sort of woo woo kind of Kumbaya, you know, touchy feely, it’s not that at all, it’s pretty cutting, but it is very real. And basically, what he says is that, you know, the premises if you’re about to leave this planet, what would you say? And who would you say it to, I would probably need to go and do Philip’s course to go and understand that properly for me.

But having read about half the book, if I were forced to give my one last talk to you, and a little part of it, it would be this message to you, keep going. You know, if I think about the things that have been tough in my life, and one of the things he says is that your kind of truth is often sits alongside one of the most painful moments in your life. And the truth is, for me, one of the toughest moments in my life, by long way, is starting this business, which I’ve now been going full time for about five years.

I did it part time for a couple of years. And I know for a bunch of people watching this, that you are struggling in business, because I know it can be extremely tough. For my own business, I’m pleased to say I’m now in a much better place. You know, like I’m drawing an income from it, we’re profitable, we’re making good money from it. But there were many years where we weren’t.

I know for some of you watching this, that’s your truth at the moment. I guess, you know, if this is your dream, then just keep going. It’s so easy to give up. I you know, for me, the test was when was the last time I looked on Seek. And I haven’t looked I mean, I’ve looked and Seek because we’re advertising for people to work for us. But you know, I’ve looked on Seek for jobs for myself a number of times, even though I’ve been full time in this business, and maybe you feel like that too.

You know, being in business is not easy, but I just my encouragement to you, I’m not sure if this is my one last talk, but for this video, it is keep going like you know, get help if you need to, but keep going if you feel like you want to give up. It’s totally understandable. I felt that way many times. And yet, I look and I think about the clients lives that we’ve impacted the growth that we’ve gotten their business, how we’ve helped them literally as their businesses got better, we’ve reduced their stress in many cases, you know, help them with their work life balance. And none of that would have happened if I’d quit when I felt like it.

And I’m sure for you watching this, you know, there will be people who you impact enormously and if you quit, they won’t have that same impact. You’re not you know, if you’re a dentist watching this, you’re not just someone who’s fixing people’s teeth. You know, in many cases, you’re changing lives.

So my, I think my one last talk for you is keep going. You know, don’t don’t don’t let that defeat just dust yourself off. And just just keep going. That’s all I can suggest. Now look, the other thing I do want to help you with practically, if you head to DentalEdgeMagazine.com.au every two months we put out a magazine magazine, a free magazine, it’s digital to keep you at the cutting edge of dentistry. And you there’s a free subscription there. There’s high quality articles clinical, non clinical, and that’s kind of our gift to you.

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