The surprising truth about humility…

Surprising Truth About Humility.

Hi everyone, Angus here, Australia’s number one Google-ranked dental marketer. Now look, I was reflecting on something this morning, I’ve just shown you a painting that I did. We did one of those paint-and-sip classes recently and it was a lot of fun. But I am under no illusion that I’m a great painter. I know I’m not I enjoy it, but I find it very therapeutic. I like things to be nice and colorful, but that’s about it.

Now the truth is in my organization, we let someone go recently, and we let them go around the area of humility. And I learned something very interesting about humility. For this particular person, they needed a lot of attention to detail in their job. And the truth was, they just weren’t doing it.

But I heard a story about Michael Jordan and humility. You know, one of his coaches said about him that he was the most humble, most responsive to feedback player this guy had ever seen in his entire life. But here’s the thing on the court, Michael Jordan was not humble at all. He was, uh, he would say to his opponents, I’m going to annihilate you. And the truth is that many people, in fact, are quite humble, externally. But internally, they’re not humble at all.

And I would say like this person who’s looked no longer with us, it was like, you know, externally, they’re quite humble. Oh, yes, that’s fine. Angus, yes, we’ll do that. But the reality was internal, they were like, Nah, I know better. And as a result of that, they didn’t respond to the feedback. So my simple question to you is simply this. What is the level of your humility? Yes, we can be humble on the outside. But are we humble on the inside? Because that’s the one that actually really matters.

All right. Catch you next time.

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