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Winning In Life : How Do You Value Your Time

This week on Winning In Life, Angus Pryor the #1 Google-ranked dental marketer in Australia will be sharing with you about how do you value your time.

How do you value your time? Look, I’ve recently moved. And there are some things we’ve been cleaning out here, but it just got me to thinking about how we live our lives. You see, I sold a couple of things. In fact, the truth is, before we move, we’ve sold tons of things on Facebook marketplace.

And it really amazed me, a couple of people coming to pick up some stuff from me, where I mean, like one item was $10. And other item was $25. And, you know, for some people, maybe that’s a lot of money. And for some people it’s not, but the thing that really blew me away was how the individuals involved value their time, one person, it was an hour return trip, and the other person, it was an hour and a half return trip and both of them drove. So there’s petrol involved, there’s time involved.

I just found myself going is this thinking, right? Like I’m on saving, who knows five or $10, because I got this item cheaper than I could get it somewhere else. And you know, I’ve blown my time, an hour, an hour and a half just driving from A to B. Now, I don’t know, maybe they’re able to, you know, sort of combine their trip with a bunch of other things. But it just got me to thinking is my and my thinking… is my thinking clear about how I use my time because my view is for all of us.

Now downtime is downtime, but when you’re in productive time, you should be trying to do the highest valuable activity highest value activities you can find in your life. And I can assure you driving for an hour and a half to save $10 on purchasing something is not an example of that. And what it made me think of was kind of this pile here and I thought it’s like there’s a lack of clarity there. It’s like a big mess and kind of “how does it all fit together?” So that’s my question for you today. How are you valuing your time?

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