What Is Your Big Dream

Winning In Life : What Is Your Big Dream?

This week on Winning In Life, Angus Pryor the #1 Google-ranked dental marketer in Australia will be sharing with you about your big dreams.

Have you got big dreams? Now I’ve got a serious question for you. Do you have big dreams? What I’m about to show you is a big dream for me, I don’t know if you can see behind this kind of a rise here, just through there. And that is the site where we’re going to build our house. And the truth is, I’ve lived in many houses across my life. I’ve never actually built my own house. But it’s been a dream of ours for some time.

And if you look in the background, we could go for a little walk, I suppose. There’s a mountain that we overlook, and then it looks out on to Oh, go for a walk while we’re doing it. It’s not super high, but it’s a bit higher up and it looks out across the paddock and there’s a dam in the foreground. And then we’ll we’ll get a garden and a bunch of other things that see if it’s coming through. So there’s the mountain. And then there’s a dam there. And you can see it sort of overlooks the plane.

Anyway, my question really is for you what it what’s your big dream, because I just think, you know, like, I’m 52 years old, and life’s too short for us not to be really actively pursuing the stuff that we want. The problem is these big dreams can seem so big that they’re like out of reach. And I guess I’ve got to say, I’ve made a series in Winning In Business recently, looking talking about a quote from a billionaire who talked about people getting a little bit wiser every day.

You don’t need to be the smartest. But that sense of just everyday going to bed a little bit wiser and it’s a little bit like that with your big dreams every day just a step closer. Big dreams don’t happen in one day. But if you can imagine, it’s like putting a marble into a bucket every day. Over time that bucket will fill up and you’ll achieve your big dreams. So look, I’m gonna make a little challenge for you. What is your big dream? Why don’t you type it into the chat, send me an email, put it into there, make a comment on social media because I’d love to hear what it is. And I will give you some progress over the next few months is we build a house on this site.

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